Sedus – Black Dot

Sedus black dot stands for long-lasting quality, sophisticated design and numerous feature options.

Sitting still for a prolonged period of time takes its toll on the body and on our mental performance. Thanks to the flexibility of the Sedus dorsokinetic mechanism, the user stays mobile and always in balance. This is good for the intervertebral discs, and relaxes the neck and back muscles, allowing the head to move freely.

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Innovative technology

What’s unique about Sedus’ patented dorsokinetic mechanism is that the backrest is attached at only one point by a flexible joint. Whereas other chairs are rigid, Sedus black dot is dynamic and supports the back, even when swivelling or turning to the side.

Classic upholstered comfort

The sophisticated upholstery system and the first-class finish emphasise the high quality of this family of chairs, and contribute towards its longevity. With its airy membrane backrest, Sedus black dot net is extremely slim and light. The covering ensures optimal pressure distribution of the body weight.

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