Sedus – Sopha

Sopha – It’s not just a gut feeling: according to scientific studies, people are especially creative when they feel comfortable. A relaxed working atmosphere, as offered by Sedus sopha, can contribute to this, because sopha encourages precisely the stimulating atmosphere in offices that is so important for productive intellectual work and constructive interaction.

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Especially for companies that rely on innovation, sopha is therefore much more than a piece of furniture: it is a place for ideas.

Design: Designteam speziell® / Rüdiger Schaak (Sedus Design Team)

Inviting. Especially for your ideas.

With numerous modules allows more possible combinations than almost any other system. This makes sopha ideal for almost all types of use – from cosy retreat to landscape-forming communication work places in open space areas.

For the eye and for results.

Design that points the way. The elegant stitching and the basic body with clearly defined side elements underline sopha‘s high-quality attractive contours. In addition, it fits in with any ambient colour scheme or stands out alone as a stylistic feature that attracts the eye. This is thanks to the optional two-tone upholstery, for example, or the side elements that can be supplied in a different colour.

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